More veggie ideas…

We all buy vegetables at the store in hopes of being healthy. But what happens at the end of the week when they’re still sitting in your fridge? Do you end up having to throw them out?

As with most food, but especially with vegetables, presentation is what really sells it. And it doesn’t have to be difficult. All you have to do is make them look appetizing, and before you know it, your family is digging in!

20150713_185156Roast ’em! When in doubt, just stick them on a baking sheet, drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper, and roast them at 400 until they look delicious. Roast veggies are an excellent side dish to BBQ’s, roasts and are what keeps a Paleo diet or a low-carb diet interesting. Something magical happens when the starches in the veggies caramelize under dry heat in the oven. The salt, pepper and olive oil add just the right amount of savory flavor to make them irresistible to your palate.

20150716_162956Chop ’em up! Even easier than using the oven, and for those hot summer days, this veggie dish will be a hit! Just Chop them up, group them, and arrange them. The focus of this dish is the drizzle or dip. Drizzle with a vinaigrette, pesto, balsamic reduction, or dip in your favorite sauce like ranch, tzatziki, French onion dip, etc. Throw some pickled mushroom and olives, and it’s a party!