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Chef Cristian Feher is the executive chef and owner of Tampa Bay Chef Services, LLC.

Thank you for visiting our website. I’m sure you’re curious to learn a little more about Tampa’s premier personal chef service. My name is Cristian Feher, I am a professional chef and food writer. In 2009 I opened the doors to Tampa Bay Chef Services to provide you with gourmet culinary services in your homes.

I have been a professional chef for over 20 years, and have worked with notable chefs such as: Gordon Ramsay, Paula Deen, and Pasquale Carpino. But my training started when I was a child in Venezuela. I was sous chef to my French and Venezuelan grandmothers who, to my good fortune, were great culinary masters in their own rights. They allowed me to take part in preparing all the meals and really sparked my love for food. My parents were also excellent cooks. They afforded me the opportunity to travel and experience many different cultures and cuisines around the world.

During my later childhood, my family moved to Toronto, Canada. It was there where I grew up, and honed my skills as a real chef.  I graduated from the chef training program at George Brown College in 2001. But my good fortune did not end there, as I immediately secured an apprenticeship under Chef Michael Rosano at the York Downs Country Club where after some years of hard work and dedication I earned my Canadian Red Seal culinary certification.

I was also very fortunate to have worked as the sous chef of a mentor, and very dear friend, Italian Master Chef Pasquale Carpino who taught me that food is art, and art is communication. And in this way, a kitchen is your stage, and your guests are your audience.

My travels through Europe, South America, the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, and the US have given me real experience with the foods that make up our small, yet diverse world. In every country, I learned how to make local dishes and became immersed in a unique culture. And although cuisines vary widely throughout the world, I came to appreciate that we all share the same values: Friendship, love, and enjoyment of what life gives us. And we all tend to share these things around the dinner table.

Life as a chef has been filled with fire, interesting people, and good culinary adventures! My reward and motivation have always been the smile on people’s faces as they enjoy my food. I consider myself very fortunate to do this for a living – I get to create delicious dishes, improve the quality of people’s lives, and meet interesting people every day of the week! For over 13 years have had the pleasure and privilege of being your personal chef here in Tampa Bay.

For those of you about to use our services for the first time, I look forward to meeting you and providing you with the best that my service has to offer.

My professional staff of chefs, servers, and bartenders has helped make us the #1 personal chef service in the Tampa Bay area. And we look forward to making our services #1 in your home too!

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