Personal chef catering in South Tampa, FL

How often have you had a dinner party, and instead of having fun, were exhausted by the time the last guest left? With our dinner party service we provide you with a chance to relax. Let us take care of everything! Throwing a gourmet dinner party has never been this easy.

We consult with you early on to plan a fantastic dinner menu. On the day of your event, we arrive early with all the necessary ingredients and tools for preparing the chef’s world class creations! While you enjoy your guests, we serve and clear each of the courses, leaving you no other responsibility than entertaining and enjoying the company of your guests!

Below are some dinner party ideas for you to read about. However, if your event requires a customized dinner party, we will be happy to custom tailor it just for you!

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Private dining personal chef South Tampa FL

Private Chef Dining Experience for Couples in South Tampa, Florida

Let your significant other know how much you care by surprising them with a gourmet private dinner for two. Our service is available to food lovers in South Tampa and all surrounding areas. The chef will arrive with all the necessary ingredients and will prepare a delicious dinner for two which he will serve. The menu will be planned according to your favorite foods and will include appetizer(s), main course and dessert.

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Private chef catering in South Tampa Florida

Private Chef Dinner Party Catering Events in South Tampa, FL

Your guests arrive at your home in South Tampa and are greeted by the fresh aroma of the chef’s cooking! He arrived earlier with all the ingredients and has been busy preparing an unforgettable meal. A usual fine dining menu is made up of thoughtful appetizers, a delicious main course, and a decadent dessert! We are happy to recommend wine pairings with each course. Depending on how many guests are enjoying the dinner, we can provide a server (and bartender) if needed for larger groups. The chef will entertain you and your guests by showcasing his imagination and skill through the art of food!

We provide all the ingredients and prepare all the food in the comfort of your kitchen. We can easily prepare parties of up to 100 people in your home – that’s our specialty! All you have to do is enjoy the company of your guests.


Cocktail party catering Clearwater, FL

Cocktail Party Catering for South Tampa, FL

A cocktail party is more casual than fine dining. Your guests do not have to sit for dinner. This is a great opportunity to mingle with friends and family while sampling many different kinds of hot and cold appetizers, and carefully prepared hors d’euvres. The chef will plan to serve a wide variety of interesting foods throughout the entire event. Most of these will be finger foods and appetizers. This will keep your guests curious as to what intricate creation is coming out of the kitchen next! A buffet with hot items can also be set up so that your guests can help themselves to delicious hot foods. The event can be finished off with freshly baked cakes and pastries!
As with our fine dining services, we can provide servers and bartenders. We consult with you to learn about the event, your guests, and your preferences. This allows us to create a menu you and your guests will really enjoy!

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Buffet and brunch catering in Clearwater, FL

Buffets and Brunch Catering for South Tampa, Florida

A buffet can be set up to feed a group of people anywhere from 20 guests up to 100 plus. We provide the buffet chafing dishes, disposable wares, and create a fantastic menu that is sure to offer something for everyone!

This service is perfect for weddings, holiday parties, confirmations, family gatherings, Superbowl parties, and any other occasion where friends and family want to get together to enjoy gourmet foods prepared expertly by the chef! Just provide us with your kitchen and get ready to enjoy gourmet food at its best.

The chef will be with you throughout the entire event from early on during prep time until the end when it’s time to clean up.

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